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Ningbo Freelux will make a grand appearance at the 2023 Hong Kong Autumn Lighting and Outdoor Lighting Exhibition!
Fri Nov 2023ADMIN


The exhibition is not only a stage for product display, but also a grand event for industry exchange. The 2023 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair and Hong Kong Outdoor Lighting Fair will open one day apart, but Ningbo Freelux will not miss either of them. After hard work on the exhibition layout, our booth has been completed in the spotlight. Let's take a look!


At the booth, new energy charging pile products and a new generation of high-performance PVC strip lights, as well as new LED street lights, spotlights, panel lights and solar street lights, were all unveiled. With elegant posture, they interpreted the R&D strength and craftsmanship spirit of 
Ningbo Freelux. They attracted countless audiences to stop and watch and praise them.

During the exhibition, our booth was crowded with people, and customers came to have friendly exchanges with us. They showed a strong interest in our products and asked for detailed information. We answered every question with a warm service attitude and professional business knowledge. Through in-depth conversations, we exchanged contact information with each other and established a preliminary friendly relationship.

This exhibition is not only a stage for 
Ningbo Freelux to showcase its products, but also a platform for communication and cooperation. We thank all the customers and visitors who visited our booth. It is your support and trust that give us the motivation to continue to move forward and innovate.
The booth of 
Ningbo Freelux is like a bright scenery line, attracting the attention of many customers. In the coming days, we will continue to work hard on research and development, and constantly improve product quality and service level, in order to repay the great love of our customers. We look forward to seeing you on more international stages and creating a better future together with you. Let's work together to create a better future!